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Petrol costs can be high. A ride to random destination costs money, but how much? We want to help you by offering this easy online tool. A trip by car to your holiday destination, for example Scotland, France or even Italy, what does that cost to fuel? And what are the petrol costs per mile driven?

How does it work?

Please enter your zip code or city name and your destination, then press the Calculate. In the window called Petrol costs you can see what you have lost about petrol refueling. Also handy is the window called Map there you can directly view the route to drive. It shows your route from A to B. And of course, the more miles you drive the more money you spend on driving. Please let this simple calculator help you to gain some insights about the costs. Be a happy driver and start calculating the total expected fuel cost.

Gasoline prices United Kingdom

The easyeast way to get started is knowing the gasoline prices per liter, or gallon, today. Look them up, get the price and fill it in the "Price per liter" field. These prices may vary overtime. So please be careful here! The more up to date the price is, the more accurate the calculation results will be.

We believe that good data is the best. Please check the Gov website on update information for road fuel price statistics providing average UK retail 'pump' prices on a weekly basis. Published by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Pump prices

fuel prices
Excellent data provided by the BEIS, this is the example excel sheet

Whats is my MPG?

MPG? Miles per gallon. In other words how far a car will travel on a gallon of petrol or diesel. That is a common question. The answer is easy, please below the formula on how to calculate the MPG.

Please note: Check and write down the miles on your trip odemeter (just before a refill).
Check and write down the miles traveled from the trip odometer . Divide the miles traveled by the amount of gallons (it took to refill the tank). Result will be the average miles per gallon for that driving period.
100 miles driven (divided) 10 gallons fueled = 10 mpg

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Fuel price calculator, how much do you pay?