Quick and easy, calculate your fuel cost!

Petrol costs can be high. A ride to random destination costs money, but how much? We want to help you by offering this easy online tool. A trip by car to your holiday destination, for example Scotland, France or even Italy, what does that cost to fuel? And what are the petrol costs per mile driven?

How does it work?

Please enter your zip code or city name and your destination, then press the Calculate. In the window called Petrol costs you can see what you have lost about petrol refueling. Also handy is the window called Map there you can directly view the route to drive. It shows your route from A to B. And of course, the more miles you drive the more money you spend on driving. Please let this simple calculator help you to gain some insights about the costs. Be a happy driver and start calculating the total expected fuel cost.

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Fuel price calculator, how much do you pay?